[SOLVED] How to Add Quick Properties in Techsmith Camtasia 2020 | Reusable Assets, Group & Template

Abhijit Ghosh
2 min readJan 25, 2021

Techsmith Camtasia 2020 introduces a video template. Now, we can create a video template and share it with the team to build consistent and professional videos quickly. This is really great. But like many Camtasia users, I also terribly miss the feature to add Quick Properties to the custom groups, assets, or templates. As a result, we can share assets but we can not customize quickly. Therefore, it is not truly reusable. However, they allow this for assets that are downloaded from the Techsmith Camtasia assets library. In this post, I’ll share quick steps to enable you to make custom assets having Quick Properties.

I went through all the Camtasia forums, Google Search, and YouTube contents, but I have not found any solution or workaround anywhere. Therefore, I am creating this content to share what I have found after reverse-engineering the Camtasia project file.

When we create a new project in Camtasia, all the configurations get saved in the project file with the .tscproj extension. This file is nothing but a human-readable JSON file. We can open it in any text editor (optionally JSON viewer) to explore it. When I compared a Camtasia project having assets downloaded from the Camtasia library with a project having a custom group, I can see only the below difference.

"assetProperties" : [
"type" : 0,
"name" : "Name of imput",
"objects" : [ id1 ]
"type" : 1,
"name" : "Color 1",
"objects" : [ id1, id2 ]

When I was playing around with these configs, I have noticed that we can add quick properties for a custom asset just by making required changes in the .tscproj.

I have created a detailed YouTube video to explain how the .tscproj is structured and exactly what changes you need to make to add quick properties. In the end, I shared 3 easy steps that you can apply to the Camtasia project file using any text editor to get it done in 5 minutes.

Note: Please keep a backup copy of your .tscproj before you start making any changes.

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